Today in the city Parlier 20.10.2017

Former neo-Nazi removes swastika tattoos

Colorado resident Michael Kent recently sat down at a tattoo parlor in Colorado Springs to have his swastikas covered up.

How to Make Your Own Szechuan Sauce

After the McDonald’s debacle, Jonathan Wu of Nom Wah Tea Parlor weighs in on how to make Szechuan sauce at home.

Father of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock 'ran illegal bingo parlour and tried to start his own church'

The father of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was reportedly a self-ordained minister who carried out marriage ceremonies and wanted to start his own church as well as being on the FBI’s Ten Most Wan...

Musings of a Four-Time Guinness World Record Holder

The stout 1976 graduate of Juneau-Douglas High School has always been out to prove himself: first in a downtown Juneau ice cream parlor, later in the U.S. Navy and eventually as an EMT.

Trea Turner's Lightning Speed Is About to Electrify the 2017 Postseason

Trea Turner wasn't always fast. Well, that's not exactly right, because Turner was probably always faster than the average kid. But he wasn't fast fast when he started playing baseball at Pa...

‘Black Lightning’ Casts Jill Scott as Lady Eve

“Black Lightning” has cast Grammy Award-winning singer Jill Scott as the villainous Lady Eve. In the show, Lady Eve is a funeral parlor owner in Freeland who quickly becomes an adversary t...

Idaho house burns after police fire shots at home invader

Idaho authorities say three people, including two residents and a man believed to be the suspect, have died after an armed prowler hid inside an Idaho home that burned to the ground a few minutes late...

The 7 Spookiest Hotels In The World

One of the reasons we love historic hotels is the urban legends they've inspired — and many of them come with a spooky twist. Even if you're not a fan of horror movies or haunted houses, the back stor...

Use This Ouija Face Powder To Set Your Makeup & Summon The Dead

The story of the Hasbro, Inc.-trademarked Ouija board starts out innocently enough — as a post-Civil War parlor game profiting off people who believed they could contact the dearly departed — and ends...

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